Newsletter Advertisement Enrollment


Newsletter Advertisement Enrollment


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Choose from selections below.  Rates and sizes are applicable a calendar year once enrolled.  Enrollment form and fee should be submitted to PBPQG no later than the 15th day of the month before you wish to begin advertising. (example, submit and pay by January 15th for February newsletter.)


             Business Card Size, Member:  No Charge


             Business Card Size, Non-Member:  $40 annually ($3.50/month)


             ¼ Page, Member: $50 annually ($4.24/month)


             ¼ Page, Non-Member:  $75 annually ($6.25/month)


             ½ Page, Member:  $100 annually ($8.35/month)


             ½ Page, Non-Member:  $120 annually ($10/month)


Your business logo/ad should be emailed in .jpg format if possible.  Please send prepared digital advertisements to:                           Misty Fain:


To complete enrollment, please mail this form and check payable to


Peace by Piecing Quilt Guild

PO Box 1674

Humble, TX 77347

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